A Day in the Life of an Aztec Midwife

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Jan van der Crabben
by TED-Ed
published on 21 January 2021

Join the Aztec midwife Xoquauhtli as she tends to her patients and honors the warrior goddess Teteoinnan at a festival ushering in the season of warfare.

The midwife Xoquauhtli has a difficult choice to make. She owes a debt to her patron Teteoinnan, the female warrior goddess at the center of the Aztec seasonal festival, who must be kept happy or she will bring bad luck. Xoquauhtli should participate in the festival today, but one of her patients could go into labor any minute. Kay Read outlines a day in the life of an Aztec midwife.

Lesson by Kay Read, directed by AIM Creative Studios.

Animator's website: http://www.aimcreativestudios.com
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