Rebuilding the Past: Caerphilly Castle

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Mark Cartwright
by cadwwales
published on 10 March 2020

The first in a new series of videos that use CGI technology to restore some of Wales's most iconic landmarks to their former glory.This video gives you an idea of how Caerphilly Castle would have looked in the early 1300s when it was able to withstand an attack from 10,000 Welsh rebels.Make your way through a series of drawbridges, gates and wooden doors to breach the castle to get a sense of the 'walls within walls' system of defence that was favoured by Gilbert de Clare, the nobleman responsible for building Caerphilly Castle. Dyma'r cyntaf mewn cyfres o fideos sy'n defnyddio technoleg CGI i adfer rhai o dirnodau eiconig Cymru i'w hen ogoniant.Mae'r fideo hwn yn rhoi syniad i chi o sut byddai Castell Caerffili wedi edrych ar ddechrau'r 1300au pan roedd yn gallu gwrthsefyll ymosodiad gan 10,000 o wrthryfelwyr Cymreig.Crwydrwch drwy gyfres o bontydd codi, giatiau a drysau pren i fynd drwy amddiffynfeydd y castell a chael synnwyr o'r system amddiffyn dau fur a oedd yn cael ei ffafrio gan Gilbert de Clare, yr uchelwr a oedd yn gyfrifol am adeiladu Castell Caerffili.

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