Emperor Caligula #3 - The Mad Emperor


Ludvig Jungeström
by SPQR History
published on 24 November 2019

Emperor Caligula. At the end of March 37 AD, a solemn procession of soldiers walked along the Via Appia from Naples towards Rome. The gloomy Emperor Tiberius horror reign was finally over. The Roman Empire had received a new emperor in Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, who was descendant of the founder of the empire in a straight descent - his grandmother had been Emperor Augustus' daughter. The road was lined with crowds who enthusiastically shouted "our star", "our doll" and "our darling" to the 24-year-old ruler. Gaius was already a celebrity in his time. As a two-year-old, he had been given the nicknamed Caligula, "the little boot", by the soldiers whom his father Germanicus had commanded. Now everyone was hoping for a new golden age.

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