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Yaşar Akgün I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. I continued my life in Izmir till I graduated from high school. Having finished my high school years, I settled in Kutahya in order to get my Bachelor's degree at Translation and Interpreting Department.
From the early years of my life, I have been interested in reading. As a person who is being groomed to be professional translator in the future, I have always been told that one of the crucial things with which a good translator must be acquainted is the reading habit. Therefore, I have had a great opportunity to bump into with a great number of books throughout my life, which has led me to be immersed in several professions including psychology, mythology, literature and etc. Since I like utilizing and reflecting what I have left from the books in my life, these learnt information have made, I assume, better translator in translating the texts from different professions.


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