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Stefanos Alifierakis My passion about history started when i understood that history is written by human beings. In order to achieve a better perception of the construction, it is needed to have the proficiency to answer all the why-questions that poses his story.As a result, someone will be to explain the reasons why some people took a decision at a certain period of time. Specifically, those who study history in depth, will have the opportunity to adopt a clear look in the motives of their actions. Under this spectrum, history is the key to understand the human actions and because as Thucydides had claimed the human nature is not going to change. Therefore, history is the light in the darkness, because it gives us the answer in all our questions. A better perception of history reflects a better understanding of life. For all the above reasons, i had decided to study Ancient History and Classics in general. Through my translations, more people will have access to the key of history.


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