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Rodra Castro Hi, there!
I'm from Argentina and I hold a degree in Literature and Science Translation (English to Spanish).

I lived in the US until the age of eight. I then I moved back to Argentina and completed my studies. falling in love with contemporary and precolonial Latin American history through its vernacular literature. However, because of my childhood overseas, I have always felt like experimenting and travelling in an English-speaking country. After graduating, I moved to Australia where I constantly worked and traveled for five years. There, I came into contact with the First Nations of Australia, deemed the oldest ongoing culture in the world with over 60,000 years of succession—yet persistently threatened by erasure. Their history, philosophy and resilience opened me up even more to the importance of acknowledging and respecting the rich diversity and profound knowledge of our native global communities, who oftentimes hold the key to a healthier relationship with land and, therefore, with each other. Agriculture, then, became a big interest for me, as I delved into permaculture (a Western framework from Australia to start developing this relationship with land). I am now in New Zealand (Aetearoa) as a nomad continuing my research and commitment with indigenous knowledge and agricultural practices.


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