Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

Ludwig Heinrich Dyck


Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia in 1990, Dyck has continued to research historical subjects. His writing career began when Dyck picked up a copy of the now defunct Command Magazine. In 1998 Dyck decided to submit an article of his own; the first of many that Dyck would write for popular US history magazines.

Dyck has written on a broad range of historical subjects, ranging from Brian Boru the Irish warrior king, to Shih Huang Ti the first Chinese Emperor. His primary interests are the Second World War, the Habsburg-Ottoman wars and the Roman barbarian wars. In 2011, Dyck's book, "The Roman Barbarian Wars, the Era of Roman Conquest," was published by Trafford, being re-published by Pen in Sword in 2016.

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