Georgina Longley



Georgina Longley My love for history more generally, but especially classics and ancient history began at school and is still going strong. After I completed my doctorate on the Greek historian Polybius, I taught at the University of Oxford for three years, and for the later two of those I was a Lecturer in Ancient History at St. Hilda's College (my Alma Mater). Adoring teaching and enthusing pupils about ancient history, I moved to school teaching. I love teaching all areas of Classics. I taught at Oxford High School, Marlborough College, the King's School Canterbury, and have also done some part time teaching for St. Lawrence College in Ramsgate. I am now an independent tutor and writer and keep two blogs, one on my website (below) and one on Tumblr called 'Classical Shorts'. Beyond ancient history, I have always been interested in Russian history, history of art, Japanese history and culture, to name just a few. I am delighted to be a contributor for WHE.


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