Gabriela Iramina Gomes



Gabriela Iramina Gomes Hello, I'm Gabriela. I was born in Brazil and have lived here my entire life. Altough I have not pursued a degree in the so called humanities, I fully believe they are essential for our understanding of not only our society, but also of how we got here. I've loved history since always, and as I grew up I realized that the line that separates history from story is a thin one.
Sometimes we are told stories as if it is history. The people in power dictate what is the truth and the real events are often hidden behind a happy story. I believe the only way to avoid this from happening is democratizing the knowledge, making it open to others to see and understand it.
I also believe that history doesn't need to be revolutionary for it to be interesting. There's a saying in my country that says that a historian is a gossiper for the past. History allow us to open windows to see people on the past, and by doing so allow us to understand that despite the fact that humanity changed so much, humans didn't.


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