Fatema AlSulaiti



Fatema AlSulaiti Qatari archaeologist, has specialized in Islamic Archaeology, Arts and Architecture and is currently involved in research and academic teaching projects in the Arab region. She has an M.A. in Islamic Art and Architecture from the American University of Cairo and is continuing her PhD in Islamic Archeology from Damascus University, Syria.

Her area of interest includes the study of Islamic architecture, urbanism, landscape design and conservation. She is currently engaged in research on the technical and engineering aspects of archaeology and their application to contemporary design projects with the view to increase visibility of Islamic cultural heritage in the modern Muslim world.

Among her many eminent contributions is her study on the role of modern design in traditional and contemporary Islamic Architecture, which has won her accolades and international recognition. In addition, she has also completed researches on modern Islamic architecture and development of modern concepts in Islamic architecture. She is currently studying the evolution and changes in the Sarouja district in Damascus in order to identify how the origin, development and social life of this district in the past has influenced progress in this region.


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