Emma Groeneveld

Emma Groeneveld


I've always loved reading, and historical novels were among the very first books I picked up, which kick-started my passion for history. After going through Utrecht University and completing a BA in History, for which my BA thesis was published, and a Research Master's in Ancient History, I did a teaching Master's too to become a qualified teacher. However, my real passion lies in writing and research. I'm drawn to ancient history for its wealth of interesting politics and relations and gripping ancient sources. Specifically, the ancient courts with all their juicy intrigue and paths of influence do not cease to fascinate me.

Besides the more traditional scope of ancient history, my interests have always gone back way further in time than what was offered in my courses at Uni. Dinosaurs, but even more so human evolution and prehistory are topics I have always kept a close eye on and read as much as possible about, whenever I could. Since finishing my studies nearly a decade ago I have really been making an effort to catch up on the last couple of years' publications in the field of evolutionary palaeoanthropology. I'm especially fascinated by the Neanderthal-Modern Human connection.

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