Emanuela Bove

Emanuela Bove


Born in Isernia, Italy, I embarked on my educational journey in the study of Modern Languages at the university of Florence, specialising in Slavic languages. A series of university grants afforded me the opportunity to spend significant time abroad, in France and, for longer, in Poland.

My initial visits to Poland were driven by research opportunities, but then I accepted a position at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, where I worked for four years.

I then moved to Milan, Italy, where I began my family life with my husband Ian. Our first child was born in 2006. Professionally, Milan offered diverse opportunities, from cultural promotion to computer language projects. However, my main work experience there has been in purchasing laboratory supplies within the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2006, life's journey took me back to Poland, this time to Warsaw, where I became a mother for the second time in 2007 and dedicated the following years to raising my children until they reached preschool age. Once they were a bit older, I briefly worked in the dietary supplement industry before pursuing a new passion—nutrition. I studied online (Johns Hopkins University and Stanford) and this equipped me to engage with children on critical thinking in food choice, an area clouded by confusion and conflicting information.

This experience (especially the focus on confusion) sparked an interest in marketing, leading me to study the subject after moving to London, UK, in 2018. After achieving my qualification with distinction, I embarked on a PhD at Middlesex University under the supervision of Professor Paul Cobley. My thesis investigates the phenomenon of food confusion through a biosemiotic lens.

My love for history, with its rich tapestry of narratives and lessons, complements my professional pursuits. It offers countless examples and a broad perspective that helps me understand the nature of things more profoundly, enriching my approach to both nutrition and marketing.


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