Daniel After spending the summer after my freshman year of college in Italy studying ancient architecture, I was hooked. I changed my major form Engineering to History, but eventually settled on Religious Studies with a focus on the religions of late antiquity. I pursued these interests at Harvard University where I earned a Masters of Divinity in 2011. The MDiv degree not only allowed me to focus on my academic interests but also to work towards ordination in the United Methodist Church, a vocation that I continue to pursue even as I work towards my PhD at UW-Madison. I focus on the intersection of the visual arts, liturgy, and theology in the complex context of the late antique Roman world. I find this field of study both fascinating and relevant as much of the historical narratives that shape the use and perception of Christianity in our modern world originate in this period. I plan to pursue a dual vocation as an ordained minister and a professor of early Christian history.


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