David Tollen



David Tollen David Tollen is the author of The Jericho River, a multiple-award-winning novel that uses fantasy to teach the history of the ancient Middle East and Western Civilization. It’s for adults and young adults. David also wrote Secrets of Hominea, another award-winning novel, which uses fantasy to teach both history and science – for middle readers. And he writes the blog Pints of History: www.PintsofHistory.com. David is also a member of the Board of Advisors here at World History Encyclopedia.

In addition, David is an attorney, legal trainer, and well-known thought leader in the technology industry. He teaches technology contracts at UC Berkeley Law School. And he’s the author of the American Bar Association’s bestseller, The Tech Contracts Handbook. David is also the founder of Tech Contracts Academy, where he trains lawyers and businesspeople to draft contracts about software and cloud computing. Finally, he serves as an expert witness, and he and practices law with Sycamore Legal, P.C., in San Francisco.


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