Carlos Fernando Teixeira Alves



Carlos Fernando Teixeira Alves After completing my PhD in History, I have devoted my career to investigating the history of science, knowledge, and medicine, utilizing innovative methodologies and approaches to shed new light on these fields. My doctoral research resulted in the development of an analysis scheme that allows for the comparison of scientific and pedagogical aspects in educational institutions, which has proven useful in understanding the evolution of educational systems over time. One area of particular interest to me is the main actors of pedagogical and scientific reforms, and how they have served as a link between governmental authorities and decision-making bodies of the university. I am particularly interested in examining the role of professors in promoting change during periods of reform, as they are often the ones who have the most direct contact with students and are therefore best positioned to effect change. In addition, my research highlights the close relationship between the university and society, as many reforms were initiated due to public health and economic development concerns. Understanding the complex interplay between the university and society is essential to comprehending the evolution of educational systems and their impact on society as a whole. My work provides valuable insights into how the role of the university has evolved over the centuries, and the various reforms that have occurred to shape it into what it is today. Finally, my research also explores the importance of nature and natural resources in the pre-Industrial Revolution period, and the identification of an "official" understanding of the role of nature during this time. Overall, my research represents a multifaceted exploration of the history of science, knowledge, and medicine.


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