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Stella Nenova My name is Stella Nenova, and I am particularly interested in Antiquity. I have B.A. in Classical Philology, M.A. in Ancient Religions and Cultures, and Ph.D. in Ancient History.
I have taught classical languages – Latin and Ancient Greek - for several years at university and I claim that love for Antiquity can be very contagious. I got this passion from my exciting professors and latter, in my turn, worked for passing it on to my students.
As my family is on a constant move (we have lived in four different countries for the last six years), I have worked as an assistant professor, a teacher, a sworn translator, a consular staff, and a brain trainer.
Nevertheless, my love for the European antiquity always prevails. I maintain my interest in the ancient Greco-Roman world by participating in different ancient history groups and forums, writing online educational materials, and publishing articles on my personal ancient history blog


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