Mycenae Timeline

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  • 3000 BCE - 2000 BCE
    First inhabitation of Mycenae area.
  • c. 2100 BCE
    First evidence of building structures at Mycenae.
  • c. 1700 BCE - c. 1600 BCE
    First shaft graves constructed at Mycenae.
  • 1700 BCE - 1100 BCE
  • c. 1600 BCE
    First evidence of elite buildings at Mycenae.
  • c. 1550 BCE
    Gold death masks (including that of 'Agamemnon') made at Mycenae.
  • c. 1500 BCE - c. 1400 BCE
    First palace structure and Treasury of Atreus tomb built at Mycenae.
  • c. 1500 BCE - 1200 BCE
    Mycenae at its peak of influence.
  • c. 1500 BCE
    First tholos tombs built at Mycenae.
  • c. 1450 BCE
    Mycenaen influence extended to Knossos, Crete.
  • c. 1450 BCE
    Development of the Linear B script.
  • c. 1300 BCE
    First palace destroyed at Mycenae and repaired, Lion Gate added and fortifications extended.
  • c. 1300 BCE - c. 1250 BCE
    Cyclopean stone bridge built near Mycenae.
  • c. 1200 BCE
    Second palace destroyed at Mycenae, city begins to decline.
  • 1200 BCE - 1100 BCE
    Argos takes over from Mycenae as most important regional power in the Argolid.
  • 468 BCE
    Argeians destroy citadel of Mycenae.