Hammurabi Timeline

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  • 1795 BCE - 1750 BCE
    Reign of Hammurabi, king of Babylon.
  • c. 1792 BCE
    King Hammurabi builds walls of Babylon.
  • 1787 BCE
    Hammurabi of Babylon conquers Uruk and Isin.
  • c. 1772 BCE
    The Code of Hammurabi: One of the earliest codes of law in the world.
  • c. 1761 BCE
    Zimri-Lim, the last ruler of Mari dies for unknown reasons. His former ally, Hammurabi of Babylon, captures the city of Mari.
  • c. 1760 BCE - c. 1757 BCE
    Hammurabi of Babylon destroys the city of Mari. The people of Mari are spared according to Hammurabi.
  • 1755 BCE
    Hammurabi rules the whole of Mesopotamia from Babylon.
  • 1750 BCE
    Hammurabi dies of natural causes.
  • 1749 BCE
    Hammurabi's son, Samsu-Iluna, takes the throne. Empire begins to fall apart.