Domitian Timeline

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  • 24 Oct 51 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Domitian.
  • 81 CE - 96 CE
    Construction is finally completed on the Colosseum of Rome in the reign of Domitian.
  • 14 Sep 81 CE - 18 Sep 96 CE
    Reign of Roman Emperor Domitian.
  • 83 CE
    Domitian's campaign against the Chatti.
  • 85 CE - 86 CE
    Dacians invade Moesia and defeat the Romans.
  • 88 CE
    Resolved to avenge Fuscus' defeat, Domitian sends another army to Dacia under Tettius Iulianus. This general is victorious on the mountainous pass of Tapae, in the south-west of modern Romania.
  • 91 CE
    Domitian adds to Rome's Forum Romanum a statue of himself riding a horse.
  • 92 CE
    Domitian’s campaign against the Sarmatians. Legio XXI Rapax is massacred.
  • 18 Sep 96 CE
    Death of Roman Emperor Domitian.