Cyrene Timeline

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  • 631 BCE - 440 BCE
    Duration of the Battiad Dynasty of Cyrene.
  • 631 BCE
    Greek colonists from the island of Thera found the city of Cyrene in North Africa.
  • 460 BCE
    Cyrene becomes a republic.
  • c. 398 BCE - c. 380 BCE
    Plato travels in Egypt, Cyrene, Italy, Syracuse and Sicily.
  • 323 BCE
    After Alexander the Great's death, Cyrene becomes subject of the Ptolemaic Empire.
  • 322 BCE
    Cyrene is invaded by the rogue commander Thibron; port of Apollonia is damaged.
  • 322 BCE
    Thibron is defeated by Ophellas of the Ptolemaic Dynasty; Ophellas becomes governor of Cyrene.
  • 276 BCE - 250 BCE
    Magas rules as king of Cyrene; silphium plant is featured prominently on currency.
  • 276 BCE - 195 BCE
    Life of Eratosthenes, ancient Greek Alexandrian scholar, native of Cyrene and one of the greatest geographers in antiquity.
  • 96 BCE
    Cyrenaica becomes a Roman province.
  • 74 BCE
    The city of Cyrene comes under Roman control.
  • c. 27 BCE
    Augustus makes Gortyn the capital of the Roman province of Crete & Cyrene.
  • 262 CE
    An earthquake devastates Cyrene.
  • 365 CE
    After another earthquake Cyrene becomes an abandonded city of ruins.