Aqueduct Timeline

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  • c. 1900 BCE
    The first aqueducts were constructed in Mesopotamia and on Minoan Crete.
  • c. 1400 BCE
    The Mycenaeans constructed aqueducts at Tiryns and Mycenae.
  • c. 850 BCE
    Long-distance aqueducts including tunnels were constructed in the Assyrian empire.
  • c. 750 BCE
    Sophisticated networks of aqueducts are constructed at Babylon.
  • c. 580 BCE
    Long-distance aqueducts were constructed at Samos and Athens.
  • 312 BCE
    Rome's first aqueduct constructed, the 16 km long Aqua Appia.
  • 272 BCE - 269 BCE
    Rome's Anio Vetus aqueduct constructed.
  • c. 250 BCE
    Syracuse is supplied by three aqueducts.
  • c. 200 BCE
    Pergamon is supplied by a sophisticated network of aqueducts.
  • 144 BCE - 140 BCE
    Rome's 91 km long Aqua Marcia aqueduct constructed.
  • c. 80 BCE
    Roman aqueduct built at Pompeii.
  • c. 50 CE
    The largest Roman aqueduct, 49 m high, completed at Pont du Gard.