Amorite Timeline

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  • c. 2400 BCE
    Earliest Sumerian sources to mention migrating Amorites in Mesopotamia.
  • c. 2240 BCE
    Naram-Sin of Akkad campaigns against the Amorites in northern Syria.
  • c. 2000 BCE - 1600 BCE
    Amorite period in Mesopotamia.
  • 1894 BCE
    Amorite dynasty established in Babylon.
  • c. 1830 BCE - c. 1760 BCE
    The Amorite period of Mari.
  • c. 1830 BCE
    The Shakkanakku Dynasty of Mari falls and is replaced by the Amorite Lim Dynasty under Yaggid-Lim.
  • 1812 BCE - 1793 BCE
    Reign of Sin-Muballit, Amorite king of Babylon, father of Hammurabi.
  • c. 1800 BCE
    Amorites in control of the city of Ebla.
  • 1792 BCE - 1750 BCE
    The Amorite king Hammurabi's reign.
  • c. 1776 BCE - c. 1761 BCE
    The reign of Zimri-Lim of Mari, the last king of Mari. Zimri-Lim, an Amorite, reclaims the throne of Mari for the Lim Dynasty in 1776 BCE.
  • c. 1760 BCE - c. 1757 BCE
    Hammurabi of Babylon destroys the city of Mari. The people of Mari are spared according to Hammurabi.
  • 1749 BCE
    Hammurabi's empire begins to break apart under the rule of his son Samsu-Iluna.
  • c. 1745 BCE - c. 1740 BCE
    Amorites migrate from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
  • 1600 BCE
    Hittites under Mursilli I sack the city of Ebla.
  • c. 1600 BCE
    Amorite dynasty of Aleppo is overthrown.
  • 1595 BCE
    Hittites under Mursilli I sack Babylon, ending Amorite rule.
  • c. 600 BCE
    Amorites no longer mentioned by name in historical record.