Zheng Yi

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Zheng Yi (also Cheng I, Ching Yih, Cheng Yao-I, Cheng Wen-Hsien, or Cheng Yud) was a Chinese pirate who lived from 1765 to 1807. Operating in the South China Sea, Zheng Yi famously led a 600-ship pirate confederation. This force of more than 40,000 men was divided into six fleets and it terrorized merchant ships of all nationalities travelling between Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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  • 1765 - 1807
    Life of the Chinese pirate Zheng Yi (aka Cheng I).
  • 1801
    The Chinese pirate Zheng Yi marries a former Cantonese prostitute, Zheng Yi Sao (aka Ching Shih).
  • 1805
    Zheng Yi (aka Cheng I) becomes the head of a large confederation of Chinese pirates.
  • Sep 1805
    The Chinese authorities attack the pirate base of Zheng Yi at Kuang-chou Bay (near modern Guangzhou, China).
  • Nov 1807
    Death of the Chinese pirate Zheng Yi (aka Cheng I) either in a typhoon or in action.