Weetamoo (l. c. 1635-1676, also known as Namumpum, Tatapuanunum, Wattimore, Weetthao) was a female chief of the Pocasset Wampanoag tribe as well as a War Chief in King Philip's War (1675-1678), during which she established herself as a great warrior, and, further was a highly regarded bead-worker/storyteller and ritual dancer.

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  • c. 1635 - 1676
    Life of Weetamoo, warrior and chief of the Pocasset tribe of north-eastern North America.
  • 1675 - 1676
    Weetamoo commands her own troops, defending Native American lands during King Philip's War against the English immigrant invaders.
  • Aug 1676
    Weetamoo drowns in a river; her head is taken and placed as a trophy of war by the English colonists.