Wampanoag Confederacy Timeline

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  • c. 7000 BCE
    Native American ancestors of the Wampanoag tribes begin to establish permanent settlements in the region of modern-day New England.
  • c. 1000 CE
    Corn is introduced to the Wampanoag tribes from the south; agricultural initiatives lead to more permanent settlements.
  • c. 1581 CE - 1661 CE
    Life of Massasoit, Chief of the Wampanoag Confederacy, whose efforts saved the Plymouth Colony.
  • 22 Mar 1621 CE
    Massasoit and governor John Carver sign the peace treaty which will bind Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag Confederacy together until after Massasoit's death.
  • 1675 CE - 1678 CE
    King Philip's War in which thousands are killed as the Native Americans try to defend their land and way of life from increasing European colonization of the Americas.