Tigranes the Great


Tigranes II or Tigranes the Great ruled as the king of Armenia from c. 95 to c. 56 BCE. Expanding in all directions, at its peak, Tigranes' Armenian Empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Not before or since would Armenians control such a huge swathe of Asia. Tigranes would only be checked once his kingdom became enmeshed in the ambitions of the two regional superpowers, Parthia and Rome, when his alliance with Mithridates VI, king of Pontus, proved his undoing.

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  • c. 95 BCE - c. 56 BCE
    Reign of Tigranes II, king of Armenia.
  • 94 BCE
    Armenia king Tigranes II annexes the kingdom of Sophene.
  • 87 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II sacks Ecbatana, the Parthian royal summer residence.
  • c. 85 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II begins to use the title "King of Kings".
  • 83 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II founds a new capital at Tigranocerta (aka Tigranakert).
  • 69 BCE
    Licinius Lucullus leads a Roman army which defeats Armenian king Tigranes II and his capital Tigranocerta is captured. Artashat becomes the capital again.
  • 66 BCE
    Pompey the Great attacks the Armenian kingdom of Tigranes II and makes it a Roman protectorate.