Thebes (Egypt)

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Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the period of the New Kingdom (c.1570-c.1069 BCE) and became an important center of worship of the god Amun (also known as Amon or Amen, a combination of the earlier gods Atum and Ra). Its sacred name was P-Amen or Pa-Amen meaning "the abode of Amen".

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  • c. 3200 BCE
    Thebes is prominent religious center dedicated to the worship of Amon.
  • c. 2061 BCE - c. 2010 BCE
    Life of Theban noble Mentuhotep II of Thebes.
  • 2055 BCE
    Mentuhotep II conquers rival princes, unites Egypt with Thebes as capital.
  • c. 1345 BCE
    Akhenaten moves capital of Egypt from Thebes to Akhetaten, his custom-built city.
  • c. 1334 BCE
    Tutankhamun returns capital to Thebes.
  • 666 BCE
    Thebes sacked by Assyrians under Ashurbanipal.
  • c. 640 CE
    Arab invasion of Egypt who name the temple complex at Thebes `Karnak'.