Flavius Stilicho (365-408 CE) was a Roman army commander, who rose in the ranks under the reign of Roman emperor Theodosius I (r. 378-395 CE) and eventually became the regent to his son Honorius (r. 395-423 CE). Stilicho fought with distinction in many military campaigns from Illyricum to Britain, however, his most famous opponent was Alaric, king of the Visigoths (r. 394-410 CE), whom Stilicho failed to defeat and whose Sack of Rome 410 CE would lead to the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

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  • 365 CE
    Roman army commander Stilicho is born.
  • 383 CE
    Stilicho negotiates a peace settlement with Persian king Shapur III.
  • 393 CE
    Stilicho appointed as magister utriusque militae.
  • 394 CE
    Battle of the Frigidus.
  • 395 CE
    Roman Emperor Theodosius I, lying on his deathbed, appoints Stilicho to be the guardian of Honorius and Arcadius.
  • 402 CE
    Alaric invades Italy.
  • 408 CE
    Alaric I the Visigoth besieges Rome. As ransom, Rome pays 5,000 pounds of gold, 30,000 pounds of silver, 4,000 silken tunics, 3,000 hides dyed scarlet, and 3,000 pounds of pepper.
  • 408 CE
    Death of Roman commander Stilicho.