Stede Bonnet


Captain Stede Bonnet was a plantation owner in Barbados who turned to piracy and privateering in 1717. Known as the 'Gentleman Pirate', Bonnet embarked on a life of crime relatively late in life, reportedly in order to escape his nagging wife. He was hanged for his crimes in Charleston, South Carolina in November 1718.

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  • 1689
    The pirate Stede Bonnet is born in Barbados.
  • Mar 1717 - Oct 1718
    The Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet is active in the Caribbean and off the east coast of North America.
  • Mar 1718
    The English pirate Blackbeard (aka Edward Teach) sails to the Bay of Honduras and captures the ship Revenge of fellow pirate Stede Bonnet.
  • Nov 1718
    The Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet is hanged in Charleston, South Carolina.