Sioux Chief Spotted Tail (Eastman's Biography)


Spotted Tail (Sinte Galeska, l. 1823-1881) was a Brule Lakota Sioux chief best known for choosing diplomacy over military conflict in dealing with the US government's policy of expansion in the 19th century. Although he became a respected warrior in his youth, he came to see military resistance to Euro-American expansion across Native lands as futile.

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  • 1823 - 1881
    Life of Sioux chief Spotted Tail.
  • c. 1854 - c. 1856
    Spotted Tail surrenders himself to US authorities and is imprisoned; learns to speak and write English.
  • 1868
    Spotted Tail signs the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868.
  • c. 1870 - c. 1881
    Spotted Tail works for peace between the Plains Indians and the US government.
  • 1881
    Spotted Tail is killed by Lakota warrior Crow Dog, possibly for his policies with the US government.