Shulgi of Ur


Shulgi of Ur (r. 2029-1982 BCE) is considered the greatest king of the Ur III Period in Mesopotamia (2047-1750 BCE). His father was Ur-Nammu (r.2047-2030 BCE), who founded the Third Dynasty of Ur, and his mother was a daughter of King Utu-Hegal of Uruk (her name is not known) who first led the uprising against the Gutian occupation.

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  • 2047 BCE - 1750 BCE
    The Ur III Period in Sumer, known as the Sumerian Renaissance.
  • 2030 BCE
    Death of Ur-Nammu, King of Ur, Shulgi's father.
  • 2029 BCE
    Shulgi assumes the throne of Ur.
  • 2029 BCE - 1982 BCE
    Reign of Shulgi of Ur.
  • c. 2022 BCE
    Probable year of Shulgi's famous run.
  • c. 1990 BCE
    Construction of the Great Wall to keep the Amorites from Sumer.
  • 1982 BCE
    Death of Shulgi of Ur.
  • 1981 BCE - 1973 BCE
    Shulgi's son Amar-Sin assumes the throne of Ur.