Second Intermediate Period of Egypt Timeline

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  • c. 1782 BCE - c. 1570 BCE
    Second Intermediate Period in Egypt.
  • c. 1700 BCE - c. 1600 BCE
    Egypt divided between three powers: Hyksos at Avaris, Egyptians at Thebes, Nubians to the south.
  • c. 1580 BCE
    Seqenera Taa (Ta'O) of Thebes leads army against Hyksos of Avaris.
  • c. 1575 BCE
    Kamose of Thebes sacks Avaris in attempt to unify Egypt and drive out foreign kings.
  • c. 1570 BCE
    Ahmose I of Thebes drives the Hyksos from Egypt and unifies the nation under Theban rule, ushering in the New Kingdom of Egypt and attributing his victory to Amun.
  • c. 1570 BCE - c. 1544 BCE
    Reign of Ahmose I in Egypt.