Roman Sculpture Timeline

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  • c. 10 BCE
    Statue of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus sculpted.
  • 9 BCE
    A massive altar the Ara Pacis is completed by Augustus in Rome.
  • c. 100 CE
    In Roman marble sculpture the pupil and iris of the eye begins to be sculpted rather than merely painted onto the statue.
  • 113 CE
    Trajan's column is constructed in Rome which commemorates the emperor's campaigns in Dacia.
  • c. 130 CE
    The idealised colossal marble statue of Antinous is sculpted and his cult is founded
  • c. 176 CE
    A huge bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback is erected in Rome.
  • c. 180 CE
    The Column of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina is erected in Rome. It depicts in relief sculpture the emperors' campaigns across the Danube.
  • 190 CE - 192 CE
    The bust of Commodus as Hercules is sculpted.
  • 203 CE
    The Arch of Septimius Severus is built in Rome's Forum Romanum to commemorate victories over the Parthians.
  • c. 315 CE
    Arch of Constantine I built in Rome to commemorate victory over Maxentius in 312 CE.