Robert the Bruce Timeline

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  • 11 Jul 1274
    Rober the Bruce (Robert I of Scotland) is born at Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire.
  • 1292
    Robert the Bruce becomes the earl of Carrick.
  • 17 Nov 1292
    Edward I of England selects John Balliol as the new king of Scotland.
  • 1295
    Robert the Bruce marries Isabel of Mar.
  • Feb 1295
    Scotland formally allies itself with France against England, the beginning of the 'Auld Alliance'.
  • 1296 - 1299
    John Balliol, King of Scotland, is imprisoned in the Tower of London by Edward I of England.
  • 1296
    Robert the Bruce fights with the English army which attacks Scotland.
  • 27 Apr 1296
    John Balliol, king of Scotland, surrenders to an English army after defeat at the Battle of Dunbar. Edward I of England removes the Stone of Scone to Westminster Abbey.
  • 11 Sep 1297
    A Scottish army led by William Wallace defeats an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  • 1298
    An English army attacks Scotland.
  • 1298
    Robert the Bruce assists in the attack on English-held Ayr Castle.
  • 22 Jul 1298
    Edward I of England is victorious at the Battle of Falkirk where 20,000 Scots are killed. Stirling Castle is regained.
  • 1300
    An English army again attacks Scotland.
  • 1301
    Yet another English army attacks Scotland.
  • 1302
    Robert the Bruce marries Elizabeth de Burgh.
  • 1304
    Another English army attacks Scotland and regains control of Stirling Castle.
  • 23 Aug 1305
    The Scottish national leader William Wallace is charged with treason and executed in London.
  • 1306 - 1329
    Reign of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.
  • Feb 1306
    Robert the Bruce declares himself king of Scotland.
  • 25 Mar 1306
    Robert the Bruce is crowned king of Scotland at Scone Abbey. He is the first king not to have the Stone of Scone present at his inauguration.
  • 19 Jun 1306
    An army of Robert the Bruce is defeated by an English army at Methven.
  • Jul 1306
    Robert the Bruce flees Scotland.
  • 11 Jul 1306
    A Scottish army led by John Macdougall of Argyll defeats an army led by Robert the Bruce at Dalry.
  • 1308
    Robert the Bruce smashes Comyn resistance to his reign.
  • 1309
    Robert the Bruce smashes Macdougall resistance to his reign.
  • Mar 1309
    A parliament at St. Andrews declares that the people of Scotland support Robert the Bruce as their king.
  • 1314 - 1316
    Robert the Bruce invades Ulster, eventually setting up his brother Edward as the king of Ireland.
  • 1314
    Robert the Bruce demolishes Edinburgh Castle.
  • 23 Jun 1314 - 24 Jun 1314
    Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn, effectively re-establishing Scottish independence. Stirling Castle is regained.
  • 1318
    Robert the Bruce takes control of Berwick Castle.
  • 1319
    Robert the Bruce makes raids on northern England and almost captures York.
  • 6 Apr 1320
    The Declaration of Arbroath, which declares Scotland's independence from England.
  • 1323
    A 13-year truce is agreed between England and Scotland.
  • 5 Mar 1324
    David Bruce, future David II of Scotland, is born in Dunfermline.
  • 1326
    The Treaty of Corbeil formally establishes an alliance of mutual assistance between Scotland and France.
  • 1328
    The English Crown recognises the independence of Scotland in the Treaty of Edinburgh/Northampton.
  • 1329
    The Pope permits Scottish monarchs to officially receive a crown and holy anointment during their coronations.
  • 7 Jun 1329
    Robert the Bruce dies at his manor house at Cardross in Dumbartonshire.