Renkioi Hospital

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The Renkioi Hospital, was a complex of innovative prefabricated buildings designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for use during the Crimean War (1853-56). Brunel had been moved by the heavy casualties and even higher deaths via disease during the war, and his 1,000-bed hospital included the latest ideas in ventilation and sanitation as advocated by such nursing pioneers as Florence Nightingale.

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  • 1853 - 1856
    The Crimean War between Russia and the Ottoman Empire and its allies.
  • 1854
    Florence Nightingale brings attention to the poor sanitary conditions in the military hospital at Scutari in the Crimea and lobbies for new facilties to be built.
  • Feb 1855
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel is approached by the British government to design a new type of hospital for use in the Crimean War, the Renkioi Hospital.
  • Jul 1855
    The first prefabricated ward buildings of the Renkioi Hospital in the Crimea (designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel), are built.
  • Dec 1855
    The prefabiricated Renkioi Hospital is completed in the Crimea. The hospital enjoys an extremely high success rate of rehabilitating patients.