Phoenician Religion


The Phoenician Religion, as in many other ancient cultures, was an inseparable part of everyday life. Gods such as Baal, Astarte, and Melqart had temples built in their name, offerings and sacrifices were regularly made to them, royalty performed as their high priests, and even ships carried their representations. Influenced by their predecessors and neighbours, the Phoenicians would spread their beliefs around the Mediterranean wherever they traded and established colonies, and their religion would continue to evolve and be perpetuated by their greatest colony of all, Carthage.

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  • c. 4000 BCE - c. 3000 BCE
    Trade contact between Byblos and Egypt.
  • c. 1250 BCE - c. 1150 BCE
    Destruction of many Canaanite towns hints at a possible invasion of the Israelites into Canaan.
  • c. 1000 BCE
    Height of Tyre's power.