The Pawnee are a Native American nation of the Plains Indians culture originally from the region of modern Nebraska. Prior to the European colonization of the Americas, they were among the most powerful of the Plains Indian tribes numbering over 60,000, reduced to between 4,000 and 8,000 by 1859. Today, they live primarily in Oklahoma.

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  • c. 1250
    Pawnee are established in regions of modern Kansas and Nebraska.
  • 1541
    First encounter of Pawnee with Europeans through Coronado's expedition.
  • c. 1680
    Pawnee encounter the French.
  • 1833
    Pawnee cede their lands to the US Government.
  • 1873
    Battle of Massacre Canyon; Pawnee ambushed and defeated by Sioux war party.
  • 1875
    Pawnee relocate to Indian Territory in modern-day Oklahoma.