Operation Chastise


Operation Chastise, the 'Dambusters' raid, was an attack by a squadron of RAF Lancaster bombers on the dams of the Ruhr basin in Germany in May 1943. Led by Squadron Leader Guy Gibson, the bombers breached two dams causing enormous flooding in the valleys below, disrupting industrial targets and killing at least 1,300 civilians.

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  • Mar 17 CE
    Formation of No. 617 Squadron based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire. It carried out Operation Chastise two months later.
  • 16 May 1943 CE
    Lancaster bombers carry out Operation Chastise, the 'Dambusters' raid on Ruhr dams in Germany.
  • 17 May 1943 CE
    Floods from the dams breached in Operation Chastise (Eder and Möhne) kill at least 1,300 civilians.