Oliver Cromwell Timeline

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  • 25 Apr 1599
    Oliver Cromwell is born in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
  • 22 Aug 1620
    Oliver Cromwell marries Elizabeth Bourchier.
  • 1628
    Oliver Cromwell represents a Cambridgeshire borough as a Member of Parliament.
  • 1640
    Oliver Cromwell represents Cambridge as a Member of Parliament.
  • 1640
    The Short and Long Parliaments debate funds for an army for Charles I of England.
  • 1642 - 1651
    The English Civil Wars between Parliamentarians ('Roundheads') and Royalists ('Cavaliers').
  • Jan 1642
    Charles I of England attempts to arrest five Members of Parliament and the Earl of Manchester.
  • Aug 1642 - 1646
    The First English Civil War.
  • 2 Jul 1644
    The Parliamentarians, with the help of Scottish troops, defeat the Royalists at the Battle of Marston Moor during the English Civil Wars.
  • 27 Oct 1644
    The indecisive Second Battle of Newbury during the English Civil Wars.
  • 4 Feb 1645
    The English Parliament motions to form a new professional fighting force, the New Model Army.
  • Apr 1645
    The Self-Denying Ordinance forbids any member of Parliament from also being a military commander in the New Model Army.
  • 14 Jun 1645
    The Parliamentarians led by Sir Thomas Fairfax defeat the Royalists at the Battle of Naseby during the English Civil Wars.
  • Jan 1647
    The Scots hand over Charles I of England to the English.
  • Nov 1647
    Charles I of England escapes from his capitivity and stays on the Isle of Wight.
  • Feb 1648 - Aug 1648
    The Second English Civil War when a Scottish army attempts and fails to restore Charles I of England.
  • 17 Aug 1648 - 20 Aug 1648
    A Parliamentarian army led by Oliver Cromwell defeats an Anglo-Scottish Royalist army at the Battle of Preston.
  • Dec 1648
    The New Model Army marches on Parliament to apprehend Presbyterian MPs and receive the arrears in their pay.
  • Dec 1648
    The creation of the 'Rump Parliament' sees the number of MPs reduced to just 150 members.
  • 1 Dec 1648
    A group of Parliamentarian officers captures Charles I of England on the Isle of Wight.
  • 20 Jan 1649
    Charles I of England is put on trial by Parliament and found guilty of treason.
  • 30 Jan 1649
    Execution of Charles I of England. The monarchy is abolished.
  • 1650
    Oliver Cromwell leads the New Model Army to ruthlessly quash a major rebellion in Ireland.
  • 1650
    Sir Thomas Fairfax resigns as commander of the Parliamentarian New Model Army, refusing to lead them against Scotland.
  • Sep 1650 - Dec 1650
    Oliver Cromwell besieges and captures Edinburgh Castle.
  • 3 Sep 1650
    Oliver Cromwell leads the New Model Army to victory against a Socttish army at Dunbar.
  • 1651
    Forces loyal to Oliver Cromwell and led by General George Monck capture Stirling Castle.
  • 3 Sep 1651
    Oliver Cromwell leads the New Model Army to victory against an invading Scottish army at Worcester.
  • 20 Apr 1653
    Oliver Cromwell dissolves the 'Rump Parliament'.
  • 16 Dec 1653
    The 'Barebones Parliament' appoints Oliver Cromwell the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Jan 1657
    A Leveller plot to assassinate Oliver Cromwell is discovered.
  • 26 Jun 1657
    Oliver Cromwell is inaugurated as Lord Protector in Westminster Abbey.
  • 14 Jun 1658
    The Battle of the Dunes where Oliver Cromwell sends the New Model Army to aid the French in attacking the Spanish Netherlands. Dunkirk is acquired as a result of victory.
  • 3 Sep 1658
    Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, dies of pneumonia.
  • 1661
    Oliver Cromwell's remains are exhumed from Westminster Abbey and given the treatment of a traitor's execution.