Myles Standish Timeline

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  • c. 1584 - 1656
    Life of Myles Standish, military advisor to the Plymouth Colony.
  • 1620
    Myles Standish sails to North America aboard the Mayflower; one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.
  • Nov 1620 - Dec 1620
    Myles Standish leads or participates in exploratory missions to locate a proper site for the Plymouth Colony.
  • Dec 1620 - Mar 1621
    Rose Standish, wife of Myles Standish, dies during the first winter of the Plymouth Colony.
  • 1621
    Myles Standish befriends the Native American warrior Hobbamock; the two remain close friends until Hobbamock's death c. 1643 CE.
  • 1622
    Myles Standish leads a preemptive strike against Native Americans thought to be planning an attack.
  • 1624
    Myles Standish marries his second wife, Barbara; they have eight children.
  • 1625 - 1626
    Myles Standish is sent by the Plymouth Colony to England to renegotiate the patent; he fails to do so and returns.
  • 1628
    Myles Standish leads the raid on the neighboring colony of Merrymount.
  • 1635
    Myles Standish retires to the farm in Duxbury with his family, Hobbamock, and Hobbamock's family.
  • 1635 - 1656
    Myles Standish lives out the rest of his life on his farm, continuing to serve the colony in various capacities.