Medieval Literature Timeline

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  • 476 CE - 1500 CE
    Medieval literature written during the Middle Ages.
  • c. 600 CE - c. 900 CE
    Beowulf composed in Britain, possibly in East Anglia.
  • c. 650 CE
    Caedmon's Hymn composed at Whitney Abbey, Northumbria.
  • c. 650 CE
    Dream vision poem The Dream of the Rood composed.
  • c. 995 CE
    The Battle of Maldon composed.
  • c. 1040 CE
    The epic poem Song of Roland composed in France.
  • c. 1160 CE - c. 1190 CE
    Chretien de Troyes writes his chivalric romances in southern France.
  • c. 1319 CE
    The Italian poet Dante Alighieri completes his epic the Divine Comedy.
  • 1335 CE - 1341 CE
    Giovanni Boccaccio writes his first poetry work, including Diana's Hunt, The Lovestruck, and Teseida.
  • c. 1353 CE
    Giovanni Boccaccio completes his masterpiece, the Decameron.
  • c. 1370 CE
    Chaucer writes his first long poem, Book of the Duchess.
  • c. 1392 CE
    Chaucer writes his masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales.
  • 1485 CE
    William Caxton publishes Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur.