Medieval Knight Timeline

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  • c. 1015 - 1085
    Life of the Norman knight Robert Guiscard.
  • c. 1043 - 1099
    Life of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, El Cid.
  • 1113
    The Knights Hospitaller are recognised as a religious order by Pope Paschal II.
  • c. 1119
    Foundation of the military order the Knights Templar.
  • c. 1146 - 1219
    The life of the great English knight Sir William Marshal.
  • May 1198
    The Order of Teutonic Knights is officially sanctioned by Pope Innocent III.
  • 1212
    Prince Alexander, future Alexander II of Scotland, is knighted by King John of England in Westminster.
  • 1244
    The Teutonic Order adopts a white surcoat and black cross insignia for all knights.
  • c. 1270 - 1305
    Life of the Scottish knight Sir William Wallace.
  • 1286 - 1330
    Life of the Scottish knight Sir James Douglas ('the Black Douglas').
  • c. 1320 - 1380
    Life of the French knight Bertrand du Guesclin, a national hero also known as the "Eagle of Brittany".
  • 1344
    Windsor Castle hosts a great medieval tournament involving 200 knights.
  • 12 Jul 1346
    Edward the Black Prince is knighted by his father Edward III of England.
  • c. 1348
    Edward III of England creates the Order of the Garter, a chivalric order for knights with its headquarters at Windsor Castle
  • 1364 - 1403
    Life of the English knight Sir Henry Percy, also known as 'Hotspur'.
  • c. 1470
    The ballad 'The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie' is composed.