Maya Architecture Timeline

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  • c. 580 - c. 800
    Maya Yaxchilan flourishes.
  • c. 682
    The Temple of the Inscriptions is completed at Palenque and is to be used as the tomb of Pakal the Great.
  • 692
    The Group of the Cross temples at Palenque are dedicated to various Maya gods.
  • c. 700
    The Maya city and temple complex of Chacchoben is built.
  • c. 721
    Construction of the tower and northern buildings of the Palace of Palenque.
  • c. 727
    Temple I at Tikal is completed and will be used as the tomb of ruler Jasaw Chan K'awiil.
  • c. 800 - c. 1000
    First monumental building phase at Chichen Itza.
  • c. 800
    The Pyramid of the Niches is completed at El Tajin.
  • c. 900
    Many of the greatest buildings at Uxmal are constructed, including the Nunnery Quadrangle.
  • c. 1000 - c. 1200
    Second monumental building phase at Chichen itza.