Little Crow (Eastman's Biography)

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Little Crow (Taoyateduta, also known as Little Crow III, l. c. 1810-1863) was a Dakota Sioux chief best known as the leader of the Mdewakanton Dakota (Santee) Sioux during the Dakota War of 1862. After years of trying to maintain peaceful relations with the Euro-Americans, despite every broken treaty, Little Crow was left with no choice but to declare war.

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  • c. 1810 - 1863
    Life of Dakota Sioux chief Little Crow.
  • 1846
    Little Crow becomes chief of the Mdewakanton Dakota Sioux in modern-day Minnesota.
  • 1851
    Little Crow signs the Treaty of Mendota with the US government ceding Dakota land for over $1 million, which is never paid.
  • 1858
    Little Crow leads a delegation to Washington, D.C., to address the broken treaty.
  • 1862
    Little Crow agrees to lead his people in the Dakota War of 1862.
  • 23 Sep 1862
    Little Crow is defeated at the Battle of Wood Lake, ending the Dakota War.
  • 3 Jul 1863
    Little Crow is shot and killed by a White settler and his son.