Karakorum Timeline

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  • 1235
    Ogedei Khan orders the construction of a new capital of the Mongol Empire at Karakorum, Mongolia.
  • 1235 - 1263
    Karakorum is capital of the Mongol Empire.
  • 11 Dec 1241
    Ogedei Khan, ruler of the Mongol Empire, dies at the capital Karakorum.
  • 1253 - 1255
    The Franciscan missionary and chronicler William of Rubruck visits the Mongol Empire, including the capital Karakorum.
  • 1262
    Kublai Khan captures Karakorum after his rival nAriq Boke (1219-1266 CE) used it as his base.
  • 1370
    The last Yuan Dynasty emperor, Toghon Temur (r. 1333-1368 CE), dies at Karakorum.
  • 1586
    The Buddhist monastery at Erdene Zuu is built resuing many blocks from the Mongol palace at Karakorum.