John Wycliffe Timeline

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  • 1330 - 1384
    Life of John Wycliffe.
  • 1345
    John Wycliffe is a student of theology at Oxford University.
  • 1372
    John Wycliffe receives is doctorate in theology from Oxford College.
  • 1374
    John Wycliffe serves on a delegation to resolve disputes between the Church and civil authorities; he sides with the authorities.
  • 1377
    John Wycliffe is censured by the pope for unorthodox views, appears in London for examination, is released.
  • c. 1380
    John Wycliffe and his followers begin translating the Bible from Latin to English.
  • 1382
    John Wycliffe's Bible is first made available to the public.
  • 1382 - 1395
    John Wycliffe's Bible is a bestseller and goes through multiple printings.
  • 1384
    John Wycliffe dies from a stroke in December.
  • 1415
    John Wycliffe is posthumously condemned as a heretic, his remains are exhumed and burned, and his ashes thrown into the River Swift.