John Wycliffe

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John Wycliffe (l. 1330-1384, also John Wyclif) was an English theologian, priest, and scholar, recognized as a forerunner to the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Wycliffe condemned the practices of the medieval Church, citing many of the same abuses that would later be addressed by other reformers. He is best known for translating the Bible into Middle English.

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  • 1330 - 1384
    Life of John Wycliffe.
  • 1345
    John Wycliffe is a student of theology at Oxford University.
  • 1372
    John Wycliffe receives is doctorate in theology from Oxford College.
  • 1374
    John Wycliffe serves on a delegation to resolve disputes between the Church and civil authorities; he sides with the authorities.
  • 1377
    John Wycliffe is censured by the pope for unorthodox views, appears in London for examination, is released.
  • c. 1380
    John Wycliffe and his followers begin translating the Bible from Latin to English.
  • 1382
    John Wycliffe's Bible is first made available to the public.
  • 1382 - 1395
    John Wycliffe's Bible is a bestseller and goes through multiple printings.
  • 1384
    John Wycliffe dies from a stroke in December.
  • 1415
    John Wycliffe is posthumously condemned as a heretic, his remains are exhumed and burned, and his ashes thrown into the River Swift.