John Robinson Timeline

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  • 1576 - 1625
    Life of John Robinson, pastor of the Leiden congregation and spiritual mentor of the Plymouth Colony.
  • 1592 - 1596
    John Robinson is enrolled at Cambridge University as a student of theology.
  • c. 1598 - c. 1604
    John Robinson serves as an Anglican priest before embracing separatism and leaving the church.
  • 1606
    John Robinson joins the separatist congregation at Scrooby, England.
  • 1607 - 1608
    John Robinson leads the Scrooby congregation to relocate in Leiden, Netherlands.
  • 1608 - 1625
    John Robinson serves as pastor of the Leiden congregation in the Netherlands; encourages members to voyage to the New World to establish a colony.
  • Jul 1620
    John Robinson delivers the farewell sermon to the members of his congregation leaving for North America.
  • 1621 - 1625
    John Robinson serves as long-distance spiritual mentor to the Plymouth Colony until his death.