John I Tzimiskes Timeline

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  • 955
    John Tzimiskes is appointed domestikos of the East in the Byzantine Empire.
  • 969
    John Tzimiskes murders Nikephoros II Phokas in the imperial Byzantine palace in Constantinople.
  • 969 - 976
    Reign of Byzantine Emperor John I Tzimiskes.
  • 970
    The Treaty of Safar makes Aleppo a client state of the Byzantine Empire.
  • 971
    John I Tzimiskes and the Byzantine army defeat the Rus at Dorystolon, forcing Sviatoslav and the Rus army to retreat from Bulgaria.
  • 972
    John I Tzimiskes captures Nisibis and forces the Emir of Mosul to pay tribute to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 975
    John I Tzimiskes invades Syria, conquering several cities and forcing neighboring Muslim states such as Damascus to pay tribute to the Byzantines.
  • 11 Jan 976
    John I Tzimiskes dies, possibly from poisoning.