Johann Eck


Johann Eck (l. 1486-1543) was a Catholic theologian and writer best known for his disputations with Martin Luther (l. 1483-1546) beginning in 1517 and continuing until his death in 1543. Eck maintained the position that, if anyone could determine truth for themselves, then there was no truth, only opinion; a claim that became central to the Counter-Reformation.

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  • 1486 - 1543
    Life of Johann Eck, Catholic theologian and Martin Luther's main adversary.
  • 1498
    Johann Eck is enrolled at Heidelberg University.
  • 1501
    Johann Eck receives is master's degree.
  • 1510
    Johann Eck receives is Doctorate in Theology.
  • 1512
    Johann Eck is appointed pro-chancellor of the University of Ingolstadt.
  • 1517
    Johann Eck meets Martin Luther.
  • 1517
    Johann Eck is the first Catholic theologian to attack Luther's 95 Theses.
  • 1519
    Johann Eck debates Luther and Karlstadt at Leipzig.
  • 1520
    Johann Eck posts Papal Bull denouncing Luther's claims as heresy.
  • 1523
    Johann Eck has the Lutheran scholar Seehofer arrested for heresy; Argula von Grumbach responds with open letter.
  • 1530
    Johann Eck denounces the Lutheran confession of faith at the Diet of Augsburg.
  • 1530 - 1542
    Johann Eck continues to defend the Catholic Church until his death in early 1543.