Jang Bogo


Jang Bogo (aka Chang Pogo or Gungbok) was a powerful Korean warlord, naval commander, and merchant who came to monopolise maritime trade in northeast Asia to such a degree that he was known as the 'King of the Yellow Sea' during the first half of the 9th century CE. His exploits have gained him a legendary status which he still enjoys in Korea today.

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  • 788
    Probable birth of Jang Bogo, the powerful Silla warlord and merchant.
  • 828
    Jang Bogo establishes a garrison at Cheonghae, the Cheonghaejin fortress is constructed.
  • 828 - 846
    Jang Bogo commands the Silla garrison at Cheonghae.
  • 839
    Jang Bogo supports Gim Ujing in taking the throne of the Unified Silla kingdom.
  • 846
    Jang Bogo is assassinated in a Silla aristocratic conspiracy.